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IV Alpha Lipoic Acid

IV alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is used to treat cancer (especially pancreatic cancer with metastasis), neuropathy and chronic liver disease. It is a powerful antioxidant, like vitamin C and E, and helps to protect cells from oxidative damage.

Cancer treatment:

Dr. Burton Berkson and D. Rubin are pioneers in IV ALA administration to patients. We use this alternative treatment for cancer at our clinic for our patients with pancreatic cancer with metastasis. Burton and Rubin describe the long-term survival of a patient with pancreatic cancer with liver metastasis using intravenous alpha-lipoic acid and low-dose naltrexone orally. The patient was told by a reputable university oncology center that there was little hope for his survival. The patient, with the above treatment, is alive and well 78 months after initial presentation. The authors report he is back at work, free from symptoms, and without appreciable progression of his malignancy. Since the first case the authors report 3 other cases of pancreatic cancer with metastasis and report one is alive and well 39 months after diagnosis, and the other two cases have had PET scans after 4-5 months of therapy that show no evidence of disease.

Benefits of IV alpha lipoic acid:

  • an agent that reduces oxidative stress
  • its ability to stabilize NF(k)B (a protein complex that regulates DNA transcription)
  • its ability to stimulate pro-oxidant cancer cell death
  • its discriminative ability to discourage the proliferation of malignant cells
  • the ability of lowdose naltrexone to modulate an endogenous immune response

Is it safe?
We’ve administered dozens of IV Alpha Lipoic Acid treatments safely at the clinic. Preparation of the IV is important as alpha lipoic acid is destroyed by light so it is delivered with protection of the IV bag from light exposure. The most severe reactions we’ve experienced are patients feeling nausea following the treatment, which clears in a short time after the therapy.

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