Colorectal Cancer Patient Case Study

Colorectal Cancer Naturopathy Case Study

In this video: Dr. Sean Ceaser, a naturopathic doctor based in Winnipeg, Man., talks about a real-life patient’s experience.

It’s about a 37-year-old woman with colorectal stage 4 cancer. This means that the cancer has metastasized and moved elsewhere in the body. The patient has undergone extensive chemotherapy treatment and after three rounds she went with naturopathic medicine. Through naturopathic medicine, Dr. Ceaser and his clinic were able to achieve what is called “no evidence for the disease.” Some people consider this to be cured, however, that is not technically true until the patient is five years removed from the initial result. Nonetheless, it’s spectacular what naturopathic medicine did for this patient with stage 4 colorectal cancer.

Journey with Conventional Medicine

Before the treatment of this patient can be explained, it’s a good idea to look into her case details. She had metastasis from her colorectal cancer and this involved her omentum, the casting around the intestines and lungs. With this type of cancer – in stage 4 it’s often said that it is incurable or cannot be fixed – she would have to live the rest of her life with cancer. When talking to patients, however, Dr. Ceaser provides opportunity and hope. Through what is known as “no evidence of disease.” This is exactly what her CT scan reported when it arrived at the clinic.

The chemotherapy she had was called FOLFOX. FOLFOX is a combination of three elements. There are two chemotherapies and one B vitamin complex that are involved. The two chemotherapies are 5-Fluorouracil, and also with FOLFOX, its oxaliplatin, which is the other. She decided to stop her chemotherapy treatments because she was suffering from blood clots, which are life-threating no matter where they occur in the body. She also suffered from extreme fatigue. In addition, she dealt with coldness and tingling in the hands and the fingers; this is called neuropathy.

She wanted her quality of life back and to reduce the cancer as best she could using naturopathic medicines, which is why she came in. The 5-Fluorouracil also has an impact on the gut, this leads people to be given two more drugs to combat the side effect of the 5-Fluorouracil which include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is a heavy-hitting treatment that targets the tumour by turning it off, however, it also hits any cells in the body that turn over rapidly, including the intestine lining.

Finding Naturopathic Medicine

The oncology cancer treatments in Manitoba are radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Oftentimes patients inquire with the clinic about how their oncologist will respond to using natural therapies. Unforfortunetly, the training for oncologists does not include natural medicines.

In Germany, if patients see an oncologist, they also have naturopathic medicines and resources at their disposal; such as the onocotherm hyperthermia, IV therapies and mistletoe. The training for medical doctors in North America is void of natural medicines. Natural medicines are seen almost solely as interference with chemotherapy and very often radiation.

Only a handful of chemo doctors are interested in what naturopathic doctors do. There is a trend among patients not to follow the naturopathic medicine approach, for no good reason. Lots of useful and insightful information and studies are sent to oncologists about the benefits of naturopathic medicine, however they often go unnoticed.

Naturopathic Medicines Used

This next section highlights the naturopathic treatments at the clinic, as well as the effects of each medicine on the body and how they can enhance the immune system, and how they continue to have their impact even after treatment is finished. In the Oncotherm room, this is where most of the treatments with cancer patients take place. The clinic can do IV medicines at the same time as Oncotherm hyperthermia treatments. Oncotherm hyperthermia is one of the premier natural medicines. The clinic combines therapies to make a strong and effective treatment on the cancer. That includes IV vitamin C, which many people have heard of; IV DCA, and IV ALA. These are IV medicines that are put directly into the body so they have the highest dose possible. People can’t take oral IV vitamin C to have an action against cancer.

The clinic also used mistletoe for the said patient’s therapy and specific supplementation. The clinic has personalized formulas and each cancer has a different treatment protocol. Not all cancers can be treated the same. Therefore, each cancer and each patient, even ones with colorectal cancer, don’t get the same treatment and it’s tailored to the individual circumstance.

One of the tools the clinic has is an Oncotherm hyperthermia machine. It’s used in standard cancer care in hospitals in Germany, where the device is manufactured. In North America, it’s a different scenario altogether.

During their appointment, the patient is hooked up to the IVs and they lie down with a probe from the Onocotherm hyperthermia machine placed overtop the tumours. If the lung, it is place over the chest; if the cancer is in the abdomen, the Onocotherm hyperthermia machine is place it over the abdomen, and anything between the upper probe and the bottom of the bed, which is essentially a water bed.

It uses a radio frequency that heats a tumour to a fever temperature. With fever temperatures, the proteins on the surface of the tumour breakdown, alerting the immune system, and suddenly the body is fighting the cancer, reducing the tumour volume – essentially hitting the “stop” button for cancer turnover and growth. At the same time, the body is being delivered IV medicine.

For instance, IV vitamin C has the effect of an anti-cancer action, which is unique to vitamin C. Vitamin C produces the hydrogen peroxide that’s in the tumour environment. Tumours do not do well with hydrogen peroxide that’s produced.

For this particular patient, the clinic used mistletoe. European mistletoe is a medicine. The clinic uses this for cancer patients to enhance their immune system and it induces what’s called apoptosis. Apoptosis is cancer cell die-off, which it can do directly. It’s combined with vitamin C, so patients don’t have to do separate therapies.

The other medicines, the DCA and the ALA, take similar actions against cancer. Cancer needs to be hit from several angles. Cancer will become resistant to treatment, which is often what happens with chemotherapy: suddenly there is a growth in an area that previously had a reduction. What then needs to happen is an attack on the cancer from different angles. The other IVs used for this particular patient are DCA and ALA. ALA had a great response for her because it not only stopped cancer, it also helped to improve the symptoms of her hands and feet and the neuropathy that she suffered.

Vitamin C has the side benefit of helping with her energy. When her energy increased from four out of 10 to nine out of 10, she regained her energy. The DCA has the ability to turn over cancer cells so that they produce more normal cells. There’s a small component called mitochondria in cells, it normalizes the mitochondria.

The clinic uses one, two, three, four, and five different kinds of actions to create an anti-cancer effect using the medications at the clinic. Dr. Ceaser and his team treated her with only naturopathic medicine. This had such a positive result that her final CT scan showed no evidence of her disease.


A quick summary of what was covered in the dialogue was the direction to the patient, how she was progressing on her chemotherapy, and also getting side effects from her chemotherapy blood clotting, and these kinds of things. The plan that Dr. Ceaser went ahead with using was naturopathic medicine as well as chemotherapy and what it does to the system as far as side effects go and how Dr. Ceaser and his team were able to overcome those by using the natural therapies including the Oncotherm hyperthermia, IV therapies, the mistletoe supplements and the diet that Dr. Ceaser had put together as a protocol for her.


Naturopathic medicine is not something someone can research online and decide to do on their own. If someone chooses to naturopathic medicine as their method of fighting cancer what is required is a professional who has had seven years of naturopathic medicine training as well as a focus on cancer treatments and seeing hundreds of patients, thousands of cancer patients, different stages and also different approaches that Dr. Ceaser and the clinic can get these kinds of results. If any questions arise after reading this, please contact the clinic below. All the information is provided and any questions can be asked if the need is please call the clinic to see Dr. Ceaser.

Hyperthermia treatment is a common practice in Europe and Mexico. While not widely offered in Canada and the U.S., Winnipeg’s Centre for Natural Pain Solutions delivers hyperthermia treatment with the Oncotherm EHY-2000, a leading hyperthermia machine.

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