Tennis elbow treatment with PRP

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Tennis elbow treatment with PRP

PRP can be a natural, effective treatment for tennis elbow. It allows the body’s own platelets to do the work of healing tennis elbow naturally. The treatment does not just improve pain, it also heals the tissue so that there may be permanent recovery. Don’t just block the pain, repair the tissue and be pain free with PRP.

Tennis elbow can be a chronic debilitating syndrome that is often refractory to conservative care that has a high quality-of-life and work impact. It is often caused by overuse, strain or injury to the tendon that attaches to the bone on the outside of the elbow (lateral epicondyle), often from painting, hammering, using a screwdriver or from playing tennis. There are billions of dollars of direct and indirect costs to the treatment of lateral epicondylitis. Conventional therapies such as anti-inflammatory meds, physiotherapy or steroid injections, do not treat the underlying pathology. Platelet-rich plasma is a new cutting edge injection technique for treatment of pain that treats the underlying pathology.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of PRP:

1. 140 patients with chronic severe lateral epicondylitis, all who were considering surgery, were treated with PRP or placebo. Eight weeks after the treatment, the platelet-rich plasma patients noted 60% improvement in their visual analog pain scores versus 16% improvement in control patients. At 6 months the PRP group noted an 81% improvement in their pain scores and 93% reduction in pain at 2 years.
2. In a 2003 study by Edwards after PRP therapy, 79% of patients in whom nonsurgical modalities (physical therapy, splinting, anti-inflammatory medication and prior steroid injections) had failed were completely relieved of pain.

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Hyperthermia treatment is a common practice in Europe and Mexico. While not widely offered in Canada and the U.S., Winnipeg’s Centre for Natural Pain Solutions delivers hyperthermia treatment with the Oncotherm EHY-2000, a leading hyperthermia machine.

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