SomatoEmotional Release Therapy SER


SomatoEmotional Release (SER) therapy is a technique to identify emotional blockages to wellness. I assess energy patterns in the body, find the area of blockage, identify whether it is a physical, emotional or spiritual problem and through skillful dialogue with the unconscious we allow for the release of the blockage which may have been with the patient for years and may have hampered healing. Patients comment how quickly the technique relieves the problem which years and years of therapy could not address. It allows patients to move past barriers they never even realized were present and to open to the freedom of a body free of blockages to optimal health.

Effective for Many With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a common result of many injuries and can seriously interfere with daily life. Accidents, physical attacks or even surgical procedures cause a wide variety of long-term physical and emotional issues that result in chronic pain. Pain issues affect personal relationships, jobs and other normal activities.

Care providers often link a patient’s emotional reactions to the injury, making it less likely treatments focusing only on physical recovery will be effective. In cases where traditional medical treatments have not reduced pain levels, alternative medical practitioners suggest that tailored treatments can significantly reduce or eliminate pain symptoms for some patients.

Naturopathic medicine practitioners restore a patient’s health by emphasizing the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. The practitioners are trained to utilize prescription medications but focus primarily on natural healing methods.

Elements of homeopathy are also recognized as important to restoring the balance required for complete healing. Many practitioners of alternative medicine suggest that a holistic approach using a combination of treatments be used to relieve the effects of trauma.

A promising treatment for reducing or eliminating the effects of trauma is somatoemotional release. The central tenet is that the each person must have a strong mind-body relationship to relieve both emotional and physical symptoms resulting from a traumatic experience.

Somatoemotional release, or SER therapy, works by restoring a proper mind-body connection. Practitioners feel that the body can fully heal only when emotional issues are resolved first.

Treatments include recognizing that injured tissues store a memory of a traumatic event. That memory results in contractions that are often a root cause of the pain being experienced. Treatment allows the mind to become aware of those memories and relax the contractions, effectively reducing or eliminating the pain. Knowing each person is unique, practitioners modify the release process to meet each individual’s needs.

While SER treatment alone is a viable option for many chronic pain sufferers, the treatment may be used as a component of a holistic approach to health. People live complicated lives, and practitioners recognize that all factors of a patient’s life influence the outcome of any treatment. Psychological health impacts physical health, and finding that balance between them increases the success of SER and other treatment options in reducing chronic pain.

Is SomatoEmotional Release Therapy (SER) Right for Me?

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