Dr. Sean Ceaser has completed the following courses, workshops/training and seminars:

Frank Schallenberger, MD:

Ozone and prolozone workshop 

Dr. Schallenberger has been practicing medicine for 40 years and has been a pioneer in alternative and integrative medicing since 1978. He has authored numerous papers in international peer reviewed journals on ozone therapy and oxygen utilization. Learn more here.

Dr. Michael A. Prytula, ND:

Oxidative therapies workshop

Dr. Michael A Prytula has been in private practice since 1988 and has administered more than 12,000 IV procedures with over 5,000 patients. Dr. Prytula has been an advocate of Naturopathic Medicine, having successfully lobbied the CAW to obtain Naturopathic Medicine coverage for employees of the “Big Three” automakers. He was also the first naturopathic doctor in North America to offer an Emergency Procedures Course for clinical settings. Learn more by clicking here.

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