Naturopathic Assistant

Job Overview:

Dr. Sean Ceaser, naturopathic doctor, is seeking a person to help at our clinic with patient set up for naturopathic treatments. This includes performing automated blood pressure checks and other tasks involved with patient care. Previous health care experience or training, including nursing is very helpful. Communication skills, an interest in natural medicine and the ability to work with complex medical patients is very much an asset.

This is a negotiable part-time to full time position.

Starting pay is $18/hour.

Please contact [email protected] with your resume to get started.

About Dr. Ceaser’s Naturopathic Clinic

Our primary goal at Dr. Ceaser’s Naturopathic Medicine Clinic is to better the lives of every patient that walks through our doors. Offering the best natural medicine, alternative health care services possible. We hope to identify your health issues & health concerns and identify a custom treatment method that will better your entire being.