Naturopathic therapies can be highly effective treatment options for any patient with any condition chronic or acute. The therapies offered by Dr. Ceaser in Winnipeg have solid research behind them. In many cases, naturopathic therapies may even be more effective than the more common methods of treating chronic conditions.

If you have been considering naturopathic therapies, it’s time to learn more about how to embrace the natural ingredients found in some of these leading therapies offered by Dr. Ceaser.

Here are the therapies that our clinic offers: 

IV Therapies

If you are concerned about how effective oral supplements actually are, you may want to turn to IV therapy instead, which promotes better absorption into the body. IV therapy bypasses the digestive process and has a much higher rate of delivery to cells. Dr. Ceaser is one of the most experienced naturopathic IV therapists in North America having performed over 40,000 treatments. 

  • Winnipeg IV Therapies
  • IV Vitamin C Therapy
  • IV Alpha Lipoic Acid Therapy
  • IV Artemisinin
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
  • Winnipeg Myers’ Cocktail

More Therapies

Winnipeg Ozone Injection Therapy

Ozone injection therapy could be the missing piece you have been searching for to treat your chronic conditions. Medical literature demonstrates how effective ozone therapy can be, and yet only a handful of naturopathic doctors use it to treat disease. Dr. Ceaser is one of the few doctors who offer this beneficial treatment to patients. 

Winnipeg Prolotherapy Injections

Prolotherapy provides lasting and permanent results as a restorative injection technique to improve tissue repair. 

Winnipeg Bee Venom Therapy

Used in many other parts of the world, bee venom has 40 ingredients that may have a strong impact on the inflammation that leads to pain in cases of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

EDTA Chelation Therapy (Kelation Treatment)

Our clinic offers chelation therapy and are fully trained in its use. 

Hyperthermia Treatment

Hyperthermia can be applied in a localized area of the body or throughout the whole body. It is a standard of care treatment for cancer in countries in Europe, however, oncologists in North America are not trained in its use. In Germany, for instance, there are over 300 of these machines used in oncology clinics and hospitals.

Mistletoe Therapy:

Dr. Ceaser is extensively trained in Mistletoe therapy and offers it for his patients. 

Health Canada prohibits advertising of IV medicines associating them with any disease, health condition or showing the studies of these medicines. Please give us a call or email for further information.

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