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Arthritis Pain Relief and Treatment Options

Arthritis pain is a very common complaint. I see it almost daily in my practice.

People often seek treatment for it because no one wants to be in pain. Well, what is the cause of arthritis? You may be given a diagnosis of arthritis from an x-ray but rarely is a cause given other than it is “degeneration of the joint”. Well this degeneration has been going on for a long time before the diagnosis occurs. It usually begins with a soft tissue injury to the joint, that is, an injury to the ligaments or tendons that form the joint. Injured or weak ligaments cause the joint surfaces to sustain trauma. The body tries to repair the joint by adding more bone to the joint surface and you have the beginnings of osteoarthritis. The pain of arthritis is from the joint surfaces, tendons and/or ligaments.

Medical doctors will often prescribe anti-inflammatories which, in the short term, can relieve the pain, but in the long term can cause weakening of the ligaments of the joint which makes the original problem worse! There is natural relief from the pain of arthritis.

Despite that there are no options to help improve arthritis through the medical system, we have helped hundreds of patients who suffer from arthritis actually improve their condition with the use of regenerative injection therapies.

Is Arthritis Treatment Right for Me?

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