Here is a list of conditions we treat

Integrative Cancer Treatments

No matter what type of cancer or stage, we treat each of these cancers. Our naturopathic doctors have treated thousands of patients living with cancer. We are focused on getting real results with expert care and monitoring. No patient should handle natural cancer treatment on their own. With the experience of helping thousands of cancer patients, the majority of them stage IV, we have an individualized natural approach to treating cancer that is effective and scientifically driven.

Breast Cancer Treatments

Breast cancer treatments available through our clinic are tailored to the individual. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, our clinic provides a comprehensive naturopathic treatment protocol using some of the most powerful natural treatments. Estrogen, progesterone, HER2 status & gene testing all contribute to the individualized plan. Detoxification is important to treatment success and carcinogens are tested for and eliminated using natural medicines. For a comprehensive and in-depth natural treatment for breast cancer of any stage or any type, including triple-negative breast cancer, Dr. Ceaser’s cancer treatment centre is your best option for integrative and complementary cancer care.

Lyme Disease Treatments

Chronic Lyme Disease can make daily life a struggle with symptoms like pain, fatigue, headaches, and neurological symptoms. Dr. Ceaser offers naturopathic remedies that can help with the effects commonly seen in this condition. 

Chronic Fatigue Treatments

Fatigue is a common complaint and naturopathic doctors are best suited to treat this condition. When blood panels come back normal including red blood cell count and thyroid panel, what treatment options do you have to boost your energy levels? A naturopathic doctor is looking at different root causes for your fatigue such as cortisol levels, food allergies, checking for toxins and detoxification, and more. Depending on the underlying cause of your fatigue, your doctor will be able to recommend a custom treatment plan just for you. 

Chronic pain & Arthritis Treatments

Do you feel like you are destined to live with the pain for the rest of your life? Medical professionals often remark that there is no solution to conditions such as arthritis but for pain killers and surgery. This is unfortunate, because there is a way to treat arthritis and fix the problem so no more treatments are needed. Dr. Ceaser has treated over 10,000 patients living with chronic pain and treated them according to their individual needs. We have also been able to prevent hundreds of patients from having knee, hip or back surgery. This is so very important now, because of the long wait for surgeries. Call now to experience much-needed pain relief. 

Allergy Treatments

Whether you suffer from an immediate reaction to substances or a more subtle series of side effects, allergy treatment is key to finding relief from your symptoms. Our naturopathic clinic offers unique testing to first accurately identify allergies to food, chemicals, environmental toxins, metals, inhalent allergens, mold, animal dander, compounds in tooth fillings and more. Most naturopathic food allergy panels commonly done, are unfortunately inaccurate and will show allergies to gluten and dairy for virtually everyone who takes the panel. It’s not that everyone is allergic to these things. We feel the test is inaccurate and it is better to use allergy tests that employ a different method to finding true allergens. After the results are found, many different naturopathic treatments can be used. 

High Blood Pressure Treatments

With millions of people living with high blood pressure daily, it is important to explore treatments to minimize your risk factors for other conditions such as heart attack and stroke. Our clinic can offer you different treatment natural options. Unchecked lead toxicity is the underlying problem for many who suffer from hypertension but it is not checked through the patient’s medical practitioner. Hypertension meds seem to accumulate without exploring cause for the problem. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatments

While IBS is generally considered a treatable condition, our naturopathic doctors aim to get to the cause of the issue. We will conduct a thorough GI health panel to determine bacteria overgrowth or infection, intestinal immunity, digestive enzyme output, food intolerance, parasitic infection, and even a yeast infection. Once the cause is established, we can help to restore the GI tract with some bowel function being returned to normal, often permanently using various methods.

Fibromyalgia Treatments

Our clinic has treated hundreds of fibromyalgia patients and some of our patients have experienced complete and permanent relief of their symptoms. Not every patient has benefitted this way but it certainly is possible with proper naturopathic care that serves to repair the problems. Fibromyalgia is a condition very poorly treated medically as most often drugs are used that don’t permanently relieve fibromyalgia symptoms and can cause some significant side-effects. We don’t use these drugs. Examples include amitriptyline and lyrica. Our naturopathic doctors have great experience and hope to help you to achieve better pain relief, sleep and energy.

Health Canada prohibits advertising of IV medicines associating them with any disease, health condition or showing the studies of these medicines. Please give us a call or email for further information.

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