Winnipeg IV Therapy

Why Use Intravenous or IV Therapy?

The difficulty for many with oral supplementation is always the question: How much is getting absorbed and how much survives the journey to the liver (first pass metabolism) once it is absorbed?  When a nutrient is taken by mouth, it passes through the stomach in to the intestines. 

From the intestines, the nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream.  From there they soon pass through the liver which changes the nutrients.  They are then circulated to the cells of the body and may or may not be taken into the cells themselves.  Whatever is not used is filtered into the urine from the blood and is discarded.  Some is passed into the stool and not absorbed at all.

Intravenous (I.V.) administration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other natural substances, including hydrogen peroxide, delivers nutrients directly to cells via the blood stream.

Many people suffer from malabsorption and natural supplements may not be delivered to the cells where they are required for health and healing and may simply pass through the stool. I.V. administration of these natural substances bypasses several factors needed for proper cellular nutrition.

Malabsorption is very common. 20% of our elderly population do not properly absorb vitamin B12. I.V. administration of the nutrients ensures a high dose delivery directly from the blood to the cells. Many therapeutic benefits of nutrients must be given intravenously to have effect.

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