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Virtually everybody will be affected by cancer. Whether it is personally battling the disease or witnessing someone enduring the daily struggles of the illness, cancer – like it or not – is a part of life.

Oftentimes, cancer is associated with repeated and uncomfortable treatments, and it can be viewed as a “death sentence.” Many people are unaware that there are integrative cancer treatments in Canada that positively change the lives of patients and are not as intrusive or cumbersome. 

Cancer is actually more than one disease, it is hundreds. But all types of cancer begin in the body’s cells. Each of us has trillions of cells in our bodies. They are grouped together to form everything from bones, muscles, lungs and the liver. Normally, cells grow and divide to form new cells when others become damaged or die. Because cells are everywhere in our body, it means that cancer can form almost anywhere.

Cancer forms when there is a breakdown in the normal cell process. This could be because old and damaged cells survive when they should die or when the body generates new cells even though they are not needed. When extra cells divide without stopping, it leads to tumours in the body. Essentially, tumours are lumps in the body. Tumours can be benign or malignant. 

Malignant tumours can spread and disrupt nearby tissues, whereas benign tumours don’t affect them. As malignant tumours grow, some of the cancer cells break off and travel through the body and form new tumours. Even if removed, it is common for malignant tumours to regrow.

Benign tumours are non-cancerous. They have cells that stay in one place and do not move throughout the body. They can be quite large and usually do not grow back if they are removed.

The development and formation of cancer in the body is straightforward, but treatment varies from cancer to cancer. This includes conventional procedures such as chemotherapy or radiation. Mainstream options have a reputation of being invasive, uncomfortable and even painful. Truthfully, they can be.


Once a diagnosis is delivered, often the next question is what to do about it. 

In North America, conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are widely known, and for many people, they feel those are the only options available to them. 

This post will explore many lesser-known but highly powerful naturopathic and complementary cancer therapies. These naturopathic therapies can produce the same results as conventional means and are less invasive with often less stress on the body. Sometimes a combination of conventional and naturopathic therapies proves successful in cancer treatment.

Before, we dive into the specific therapies, let’s cover some background and some common questions. Many patients wonder if naturopathic and complementary therapies are so effective, why are they not as well known as conventional medicine. 

The simple reasons are that in North America, oncologists and other medical doctors are not trained in natural medicine. Doctors in Germany, however, are trained in conventional and naturopathic medicine so they have more tools available to them to help their patients. To further answer the question of why naturopathic medicine isn’t as well known, you’d need to look at how medical colleges have historically been financed and their relationship with large pharmaceutical companies.  

To answer the question for this section, the therapies available to fight cancer are chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and naturopathic options.  


This is a very common question, and the short answer is yes. Many patients choose to add naturopathic therapies to their chemotherapy and radiation regimes, as it can make those therapies more tolerable. Some patients, those that have seen loved ones or co-workers go through conventional cancer treatments, choose to only utilize naturopathic therapies, but it is up to each individual and their unique situation. 

Chemotherapy is a double-edged sword. 

It can shrink tumours but also cause severe side effects including weakening the immune system, hair loss, nausea and weight loss, neuropathy (tingling of the hands and fingers, in particular), fatigue, secondary cancers and death. Perhaps the most deadly effect is that chemotherapies miss treating cancer stem cells, which often contribute to the very common recurrence of cancer seen after rounds of chemotherapy. 

Chemotherapy can cause an aggressive resurgence of cancer after treatment and it’s now known the mechanism behind chemotherapy resistance by molecules released by healthy cells terminated by chemotherapy. Complementary cancer treatments help patients with chemotherapy side effects and address cancer stem cells with natural medicines.

Patients who have gone through chemotherapy or radiation previously and are now taking supplementary treatments often comment that they wish they had taken it previously because  they feel better, and have fewer side effects, especially with regards to fatigue.

Health Canada prohibits advertising of IV medicines associating them with any disease, health condition or showing the studies of these medicines. Please give us a call or email for further information.

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Treatments at our clinic:

While we can’t discuss treatments offered, due to Health Canada regulations, we can tell you we offer individualized treatment plans for each stage and type of cancer. 

There is often more than one way to treat cancer. Decisions are generally made based on a patient’s comfort level and physical well-being. A common term used is CAM, which stands for complementary and integrative medicine. A common question is, “How do conventional and CAM cancer therapies work together?”

Supplementary cancer treatment doctors make sure that medicines don’t conflict but rather enhance each other. Standard medical oncology will often tell patients not to use these cancer treatments as a blanket statement without supporting it with research. Oncologists trained in natural medicine, as they are in some European countries such as Germany, often frequently recommend complementary cancer treatments along with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. 

More than half of the people going through cancer utilize complementary cancer treatment. Patients must have a naturopathic doctor who is medically trained in integrative cancer treatment for guidance and support.

Treating cancer, whether through conventional or complementary and integrative means, is not a do-it-yourself activity. It is natural to feel scared and overwhelmed living with cancer, and seeking out your own solutions is understandable. When living with cancer, one of the most fatal diseases, you don’t want to leave your treatment up to your own research and diagnosis online. Please seek and entrust qualified experts in cancer treatments.  Dr. Ceaser provides some of the top integrative cancer treatments Canada has to offer. View his Winnipeg naturopath clinic services.

In Canada, it is estimated that 225,800 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2020, according to a report from the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Among the cases, lung cancer is expected to be the most diagnosed with an estimate of nearly 30,000 cases. Breast cancer, colorectal and prostate are next in line as the most diagnosed. Collectively, these four cancers will represent nearly half of the reported cases in Canada for 2020.

The study found that prostate cancer was the most diagnosed in males, accounting for one in five new cases; while breast cancer in females was one in four cases.

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VIDEO: How to Use Naturopathic Therapies to Complement Conventional Cancer Treatments

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