Winnipeg Based Naturopathic Doctor and The Potential Benefits Of PEMF Treatment For Breast Cancer

Winnipeg Based Naturopathic Doctor and The Potential Benefits Of PEMF Treatment For Breast Cancer

WINNIPEG, Canada – Dr. Sean Ceaser, a prominent naturopathic doctor based in Winnipeg, Canada, is optimistic about the use of PEMF treatment for many conditions including pain and cancer, including the treatment of breast cancer.

Traditional cancer treatment has improved dramatically in recent years, but still, there is no definitive breakthrough and the use of very invasive forms of treatment for the patient are commonplace and these treatments are riddled with side-effects. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is a non-invasive and drug-free therapy that complements other standard therapies and, together with a comprehensive alternative and complementary cancer treatment plan, can aid the process of helping to stop the progression of cancer. 

In a recent study, women with locally spread breast cancer, stage III (stage T3, N1 – N3) and no metastases (M0) all had standard therapy in sequence, including (a) preoperative radiation of the breast and adjacent areas, combined with chemotherapy, (b) radical resection the breast, and (c) postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. In the time before the first phase of treatment, that is, before radiation, one group had multiple exposures of medium strength PEMF therapy added, and one group did not. Follow-up was done looking for x-ray changes in the primary tumour and regional lymph nodes, and then later, biopsy changes in the primary tumour tissue. The PEMF-treated women did not have any side effects. X-ray response in the PEMF group was seen in 87% and 82% in those without PEMF. There was less regional cancer spread in the PEMF group than those without, 97% improved versus only 52% without PEMF. In the PEMF group, 42% had total regression of the tumour, and 46% had partial tumour regression. Regression or reduction of regional metastasis was seen in 90%. Even the biopsies after surgery found more tumour destruction in 56% with versus 48% without PEMF therapy. So, the use of PEMFs in stage III breast cancer patients, along with radiation and chemotherapy preoperatively, produced considerably better results. 

“Pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) has great potential in many conditions including musculoskeletal injuries and cancer, including the treatment of breast cancer, a disease that can be of concern for women diagnosed with it or have a strong family history of the disease,” said Dr. Sean Ceaser. “Although traditional treatments, including surgery, radiation,  chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other estrogen-blocking therapies have helped many women in their battle with cancer, there is much more that can be done to improve outcomes. Chemotherapy, in particular can be very harming and a study in 2018 by Stanford University showed that chemotherapy is completely ineffective for a large portion of women suffering from breast cancer. Is there a better, less harmful way for women who are suffering from intermediate to low risk breast cancer? I believe there is and PEMF treatments along with naturopathic IV therapies, hyperthermia and a complete treatment plan that takes into account the person we are treating and not just the disease can allow for effective non-harmful management and treatment of breast cancer.”

Dr. Sean Ceaser is a licenced naturopathic doctor in the provinces of Manitoba and British Columbia. He has been practicing naturopathic medicine since 1999 and currently helps patients at the Centre for Natural Pain Solutions in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has a particular focus on alternative cancer treatments/therapies and chronic pain. Dr. Ceaser has also worked at the Natural Health Sciences Research Clinic in Lake Oswego, Oregon, where he researched natural medicines. He served as Instructor and Director of Curriculum at the Manitoba College of Homeopathic Medicine and is the first Naturopathic Physician to represent Complementary Therapy at the Health Sciences Centre, Mature Women’s Health Program. For more information about Dr. Ceaser and the services he provides, visit his website at

Hyperthermia treatment is a common practice in Europe and Mexico. While not widely offered in Canada and the U.S., Winnipeg’s Centre for Natural Pain Solutions delivers hyperthermia treatment with the Oncotherm EHY-2000, a leading hyperthermia machine.

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